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David Ventura Garcia, Executive Director

Garcia co-founded Transient Mic with his friend and collaborator, Jeremy Fowler. Having earned his MFA in film Production from the University of Texas at Austin, he understands the many facets of narrative and established Transient Mic to sustain the audio aspects of storytelling. His love of production and the creation of a compelling narrative deepen his appreciation of a compelling song, a strong story, and the captive quality of field recordings.

As a vinyl collector, he values all facets of album production that go into the creation of an album: from the cover photoshoot to the studio sessions and on down to the liner notes. His passion for recording carries over into his love of podcasts and media production. Influenced by the power of programs such as, Radiolab, S*Town, Disgraceland and Cocaine & Rhinestones, Garcia hosts and produces the 4 Track Series with the same intimate authenticity. As a lifelong NPR listener, he regularly tunes into programs such as This American Life, Sound Opinions, Fresh Air, All Things Considered and Weekend Edition.

Garcia attended DePaul University and completed his undergraduate degree in Marketing with a minor in Photography. He returned to Texas in 2002 to earn his Master of Fine Arts degree in Film Production with a minor concentration in Screenwriting. His works have been featured in film festivals and selected for workshops in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco and San Antonio.

Garcia’s role in the organization is to facilitate the art of recording for all artists regardless of  financial means or technical recording skills.  His devotion to this art is key to his personal fulfillment. He genuinely feels that the creation of a nonprofit  mobile studio will lay down the path toward audio preservation for future generations.  To do this, he is working to create a collaborative pool of talented producers and engineers devoted to the technique of recording and together they can develop a catalog of quality recordings that capture the spirit of music and sound.

Interview with Voyage Austin


Jeremy Fowler, Chief Audio Engineer

As a musician in the Austin scene, Fowler learned performance and song structure on the stage and in the studio. His further developed these skills by fervently studying the Beatles catalog and all the passion and creativity they brought to each album’s production. His study of structure and the technical aspects of recording spurred a devotion to analog recording and its use in the digital studio.

As a musician, Fowler gained a strong local following with The Coordinates. This played a key role in better understanding the entire studio process from start to finish under the guidance of Rick del Castillo who also served as their producer. Their debut album was met with much enthusiasm, and their performances were known for their tight harmonies and skillful musicianship. A few of his many influences include everything The Beatles (serving as his rock and foundation), CCR, Queen, Jim Croce, Andrew Byrd, Connan Mockasin, and Mac DeMarco.

Co-founding Transient Mic with Garcia required a transition from the stage to the soundboard and the control room. He has found new influences behind the microphone such as Beatles audio engineer, Geoff Emerick, and producer, George Martin. Fowler’s role as Chief Audio Engineer is the perfect way to use all his skills as a musician and apply them to the art of recording. He served as producer for Transient Mic’s debut album, recording Anthony Garcia's, Acres of Diamonds. He also contributed to the sound by playing bass on the record.

Fowler’s newest passion is the use of reel-to-reel audio components and the role of magnetic tape as a technique to bring another quality to music production often overlooked in the digital age. He also works as a freelance multi-instrumentalist performing live and in-studio on guitar, bass, and as a vocalist for artists including The Blake Torrey Band, Logan Tucker, Rick del Castillo, Craig Marshall and Gus Miller. Giving into to a complete devotion to The Beatles, he recently formed The Lonely Hearts Club tribute band that is soon to make its mark on the Austin scene.


Board of Directors


Rick del Castillo 

Del Castillo has been performing and recording music since he was thirteen years old. He launched his recording company, Smilin' Castle Productions, in an attic in Seattle in 1993 and relocated to Austin in 1995. In 2000, Mr. del Castillo co­founded Del Castillo, with his brother Mark and based in Austin. He has recorded five studio albums and toured all over the world. Mr. del Castillo can also be seen playing in the Mexican rock band Chingon along with renowned filmmaker Robert Rodriguez.

Chris De Vore


De Vore has over 20 years of experience as a full-time working musician who performs regularly at concerts and events around Austin. Prior to becoming a performing musician, De Vore worked as a sound engineer at Arlyn Studios in Austin and performed with the gypsy-influenced group the Flying Balalaika Brothers. He has training in violin, vocal techniques, and a degree in Audio Engineering from Media Tech Institute. 


Advisory Board

Charles Godfrey, Scary American Studios

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