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“Into the great wide open, under the skies of blue…” - Tom Petty

The mission is to pick a direction load up a case of mics, a field recorder and the gear to drive for days-on-end stopping to hit record along the way. It’s a nomadic notion born from the days when an audio engineer could pack his gear into the back of a Ford Fairlane and run into the likes of Muddy Waters, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly and Jelly Roll Morton.  At least that’s how Alan Lomax did it.


In so many ways, the open road is the perfect metaphor for discovery. For the chance to encounter the unusual, the unique, the unheard of. It calls to the adventuring spirit to simply get on the road and go along for the ride. Get in the van and start it up. What lies ahead?  A city, a town. A story, a sound…


Transient Mic was created to document this phenomenon. The need to discover, the need to preserve. When co-cofounder, Jeremy Fowler, purchased the converted RV Coachman van, it was with the idea that we could get the mobile studio moving. Together with co-founder David Ventura Garcia, they plan to travel in a field of sound. Hook up the mic and it will come.

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