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Alan Lomax, Ethnomusicologist

The mobile studio serves our mission to record, preserve and listen. Following in the footsteps of itinerant musicologist Alan Lomax, we plan to take it on the road like the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio. Combining technological development, ease of mobility, and the collaborative creative spirit, we will capture the cultural soundscape of particular moments in time and place to be forever preserved in the digital and analog archives woven into the fabric of the world.

Our goal is to utilize the development of technology and mobility to document the discovery and preservation of music and sound. Operating as a nonprofit organization, we aim to make the art of recording readily available to those who are waiting for their chance to create. 

Our current studio is a small space granted by the Mosaic Sound Collective, a generous nonprofit organization created to support the Austin music industry. This stationary studio allows us to record podcasts and help local talent create music. We are forever grateful to Mosaic Sound Collective for including us in their collaborative effort to support the community. 

At the same time, Transient Mic is working to mobilize our efforts and venture out into the world, documenting and recording each musical and sonic discovery. The creation of our first mobile studio starts with you, the donor. Join us in our journey. Your contribution will allow us to acquire the assets necessary to preserve the many sounds and stories of our shared culture.

Rolling Stones Mobile Studio 1.jpg
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