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Our Full-Length LP Debut:  A Nonprofit Pursuit of Preservation

Listen to Anthony Garcia's LP, Acres of Diamonds (Recorded and Produced by Transient Mic)

AGarcia Digital Front Cover.jpg

From electrified country western to acoustic vignettes, singer-songwriter and guitarist Anthony Garcia pulls from countless styles to create a unique genre-defying album of wide-ranging originals. In a way, Acres of Diamonds feels like a soundtrack to its own musical story set somewhere in the vast American Southwest. With his hauntingly expressive voice, Garcia weaves tales of love and lore into dense arrangements of soaring strings and versatile guitar voicings that span from gentle fingerpicked phrases to searing prog-rock explosions. Whether it’s the emotive writing, dynamic compositions, or frequent moments of instrumental bliss, listeners will find themselves discovering new gems with each spin.

Mercury Debuts EP with the Support of Transient Mic

Listen to Mercury's EP, BioHazard (Produced by Transient Mic, Mantra, and The Martianz )

BIoHazard EP Cover.jpg

"Biohazard layers sonic elements and melodies drawn from each of these genres to create a richly layered, expressive music unlike anything we’ve heard before. Switching between a high octave, yet gravely robotic vocals and his smoky lower register, McKnight uses this track as an opportunity to show off the versatility of his voice. Atmospheric, sci-fi synths ebb and flow at the base of the tune’s melody as delicate piano riffs dance on top. The artist’s moving lyrics show McKnight spiraling as he explores heartbreak at the molecular level." - Emma Kopelowicz, Gasmask Magazine

Hear music from the 4 Track Series podcast

We've had such a great time getting to know these artists. Hear the songs we tracked in our studio from the playlist below or go to our 4 Track Series podcast to hear the full interview. Either way, we hope it spurs you on to discover more about the artists and their songs.  

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