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Become a Volunteer!

We are looking for logistical, creative, and production volunteers to further our mission. We are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the art of recording. We established our mission in 2017 to give back to the community around Austin and across Texas by producing works of art in music and sound and helping others create and preserve their body of work. To date, we have recorded several albums, produced a podcast called the "4 Track Series", and hosted numerous fundraising events across Austin. We are in the process of building our mobile studio thanks to a grant from the Surack Family Foundation.


We need volunteers who understand the role that audio recordings play within the arts media and in the broader context of a cultural community. Our mission relies on the spirit of volunteerism to help artists contribute to content creation in the form of music (across many genres), podcasts (narrative, serial or talking heads), field recordings/soundscapes (that capture space and time), experimental sound (as “out-there” as it wants to be), and spoken word (oral history, poetry, comedy, or dramatic monologues).


Our mission is to seek out new sounds, discover new voices, and to boldly go where no studio has gone before (a true Star Trek reference if there ever was one!). If you're interested in volunteering your time to help with our mission, please fill out the form at the link below and a volunteer from our staff will reach out to you for an interview. We are seeking volunteers for the following:


Administrative – Fundraising, grant writing, programming, web admin, social media management, public relations, Event production, legal (specializing in creative work and media), volunteer coordination, marketing and promotion, community relations (looking to help build a strong network of philanthropic donors and corporate sponsors)


Studio Creation – Audio Engineers with an interest in building a studio, Construction / DIYers who wish to volunteer their time towards the creation of a studio (mobile and on-location)


Music Recording and Production – Music Producers (Lead, Executive and Assistant), Audio Engineering, Mixing, Studio Assistance, Studio Production (that can help maintain a studio)


Podcasts Production – Podcast Producers (Lead, Executive and Assistant), Audio Engineers, Editors (Lead and Assistant), Music Soundtrack and Sound Design Creators, Podcast Hosts, Podcast Writers and Production Assistants


Musicians – Studio Musicians willing to volunteer their time outside of their professional career to help up and coming artists realize their talent as vocalist, singer/songwriters, ensembles and as musical soundtrack for various podcasts

Audio Archiving – Musicologists, ethnomusicologists, database programmers, data networking (with a concentration in primary and backup audio file storage), digital and analog archivist


We are casting a wide-net search for talented volunteers to help usher a new phase of our nonprofit mission. Our goal is to bring in a talented group of volunteers to be able to scale up production and creative output into broad action with an impact!


Currently, we have a studio as part of the Mosaic Sound Collective located in East Austin (TX) and a 1994 GMC Bluebird that we are turning into a mobile studio to travel across the nation with your help. Volunteers willing to wear more than one hat would be a big plus to the org! We are also willing train volunteers who have always wanted to try their hand at a role and want to learn more.


Let's come together in support of the arts and do good work for both artists and the community!!

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