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Transient Mic exists to serve artists and the art community alike. We know that there is a large ocean of unrecorded art that is in danger of being forever lost to time if left undocumented. As a nonprofit organization, Transient Mic offers free professional audio recording to talented artists who cannot afford such services, or who do not have access to them in their community. We consider ourselves to be “audio inclusive.” Musicians, poets, storytellers, actors, and spoken word artists are all warmly welcomed to record with us. 


With a mobile studio ready to travel, Transient Mic can bring recording expertise directly to artists in cities, rural towns, and remote locations where music can be discovered, preserved and shared with audiences around the world.


Although Transient Mic records artists, we are not a recording label. We do not compete with large labels, but rather, work within the industry as a pathway for underdeveloped artists wishing to create a body of work. We provide the tools necessary for emerging talent to remain an indie performer or to enter into a record deal. Transient Mic believes that even great artists need support and that their art must be preserved and made available to all audiences. In that spirit, we don’t profit from, or maintain ownership of the recording masters, but rather grant them and their accompanying permissions to the artists.


Our mission is clear. Transient Mic aims to help artists record their songs, grow their audience, and continue to create without limitation. We seek to bring artists, consumers, and industry together in one creative vehicle to elevate music and all recorded arts as a premier audio experience.

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