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Record. Preserve. Listen. 

We believe that people can create change, contribute to culture, and help shape the experiences of generations through the art of recording.


We believe that a nonprofit organization focused on making the recording arts accessible to all can give artists, creators and dreamers the ability to share their talents with the world.


If you agree, please join us in our mission to spread the passion and power of the human experience through the timeless art of recorded audio. Show your support for the arts by making a financial contribution today.

A studio worth building

Our organization exists to preserve music and sound.  Your contribution supports the operation of our mobile studio and our ability to travel the country and record the sounds that surround our world and culturally bind us.


As we venture to preserve each musical and sonic discovery, every recording we make will be made available to the artist at no charge so that they can gain the attention of listeners around the world. Be a part of this audible journey and help us capture the cultural gift of music and sound.

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